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A bit of history...

Piano lessons started early and I've been writing and composing music much of my life.  My first CD ‘Shining After Midnight’ features one hour of relaxing instrumental piano music.  It's popular with massage therapists and often used for yoga, Reiki, meditation and relaxation. I also play guitar and sing (think Jack Johnson crossed with a kid-friendly Tim Minchin). I'll be posting new music and videos regularly to my YouTube channel:

I started taking piano lessons when I was four and around twelve I started playing dinner music Friday and Saturday nights in a fine dining restaurant in Goderich, Ontario.  My piano teacher was vacating the post and his recommendation got me the audition.  For three years the piano stood next to the window. On top sat a lit candelabra with a brandy glass beneath and on a good night it would be stuffed to the rim with bills.  The setting sun would set the restaurant alight, and it was always a race to see which would melt faster, the candles or me in the suit.

At sixteen, I moved to Toronto to attend the Etobicoke School of the Arts, where I majored in piano and percussion for grades eleven through thirteen.  It was amazing!  It was also an extremely successful social experiment, living on my own in the big city.  I was lucky to go to a great school, have phenomenal friends and a huge amount of live music in my life.  Helping promote a friend’s band evolved into a ten year career in the music industry as a promotor, artist manager, and publicist.

In 2003 I suddenly found myself unable to work due to a mystery illness that ended up being Lyme Disease.  Misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue, depression, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia (among others), I was off work three years.  I spent a lot of that time traveling to medical appointments and being poked and prodded by specialists.  I even had one doctor offer to sever one of the nerves in my back to help stop the pain but I thought that was a little like trying to cut down a tree by hacking off the branches (I didn't do it!).

I felt like I was in a holding pattern where I wasn't incapacitated, but I only had a couple hours of energy before needed to rest for an hour.  It became a time of writing and recording music as well as hosting a monthly songwriter and poetry gathering in the living room of my basement apartment. 

When I was finally properly diagnosed and successfully treated for Lyme Disease in 2005, it was like my life had suddenly been taken off pause.  As frustrating and challenging as the experience was at times, I now recognize that it was also a major turning point in bringing focus to one of my lifelong passions, playing music. 

It was during that time I recorded ‘The Midnight Demos,’ a ten-song CD to give to family and friends at Christmas. Their feedback was so encouraging that I ended up selling copies in independent music stores and mail order online.  Eventually it started getting tough keeping up with the orders as I was burning, labeling and packaging each CD-R copy by hand.  I reworked the master, adding six more songs, had it professionally manufactured and then released it as ‘Shining After Midnight.’  Since then it's been become a favourite among massage, yoga and Reiki teachers and practitioners.

I also love photography and I've just put a YouTube playlist together that features footage from Muskoka and Algonquin Park set to songs from 'Shining After Midnight'.  The playlist is called 'Meditative Muskoka'.

I play music almost every day but it's been a long time since I've released anything...  I'm excited to say (da da da DAAA!) that there will be a bunch of new music coming soon, probably first to my YouTube channel. I have new instrumental piano compositions but also songs with vocals where I play piano or guitar and sing. I can't wait to share them with you!!



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